Just Jump is a 2D physics-based action platformer, JAM-PACKED with EXHILARATING features, including:

  • Deliciously-dreamy platforming gameplay.
  • 50 fun-filled, limit-pushing levels to rage at.
  • 20+ unique gameplay-altering platforms.
  • Online leaderboards, because comparing yourself to others is important.
  • Speedrunning mode for the ULTRA-XTREME™ gamers out there.
  • Explore the maps at your leisure in search of hidden collectibles.
  • Detailed stat-tracking, so you can keep track of all 10,000 of your deaths.
  • More! More! MORE! And all for FREE!

Update 1.2 is live! Bug fixes, upgraded tutorial, and mobile support!

Note: Cookies must be enabled to save your progress when playing in a browser.


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JJ_win_1.2_64bit.zip 44 MB
JJ_win_1.2_32bit.zip 44 MB
JJ_lin_1.2.zip 45 MB
JJ_mac_1.2.zip 57 MB

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this is a great great game. but there aren't that many people who have seen it.

so I will advertise it cuz it needs more views. thanks, unsteady yeti for this great game.

Thanks, suckmydong! Glad you enjoy the game. :)


no prob I am just glad that you made this.


THIS IS AWESOME best game ever I ever played theres limited things you can do with 2d but its still is a very good game


This game deserves a lot more attention than it's getting. I can't find any playthroughs of it on anything but the developers' channel. It's a great game and I can't wait to see what else comes out!

This comment made my day, thank you!


I fully agree


hard game. nice game




Hi I had  a very fun time, though the last level is a bit frustrating but I think I am just a winy baby

Thanks for the comment! Also I appreciate the feedback about the final level. It's hard to judge how challenging a level is when making a game. Congrats on beating all 25 base levels, that's awesome!


 Its a fun game!


Thanks Vida, I appreciate the comment!


Having a reall fun time with this one. Starts out simple but really pulls you in with the different mechanics. Reminds me alot of earlier flash games but much smoother and deeper than those were. Recommended for sure.

Thanks for the comment dwhizzle! Glad you would recommend the game, looking forward to competing with you on the leaderboards.


Super fun game with creative maps and leaderboards!! 100% recommend to anyone who's thinking about trying out. A+ banger by unsteady yeti games. 

Thanks glockman! I put a lot of work into designing fun, yet challenging levels. Glad you're enjoying the game!